College and Career Readiness in the Kansas City Region (2015)

In 2013, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation funded research on the factors that influence successful transition of students from high school to college and careers. In the first phase of this effort, KC-AERC developed regional and district-level profiles of high schools using college and career readiness measures identified in collaboration with local districts. In 2015, KC-AERC researchers led by Dr. Brad Curs (MU) brought education leaders from the Kansas City region together for a half-day seminar, “Benchmarking College and Career Readiness in the Kansas City Region.” At this event, KC-AERC offered both the publicly available regional report and individual school-level reports as a tool for district leaders.

Trends in College and Career Readiness in the Kansas City 7-County Metropolitan Region (PDF, 65 pages)

Teens’ Social Media Use and Collective Action (2014)

Principal investigators Hyunjin Seo (KU) and Brian Houston (MU) worked with KC-AERC to conduct research into the definitions, causes, and implications of youth flash mobs, such as those that occurred at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., in 2011. The research utilized survey data and focus groups of Kansas City youth aged 13–24 who were demographically representative of the populations that participated in the Kansas City flash mobs. The focus of this research is on the relationship between social media use and teens’ self-efficacy, self-esteem, and need to belong, and how these variables interact to influence participation in flash mobs. The study found a positive relationship between use of social networking sites and need to belong.

Seo, H., Houston, J. B., Knight, L. T., Kennedy, E., & Inglish, A. (2014). Teens’ social media use and collective action. New Media & Society, 16(6), 883-902.

Urban Youth’s Perspectives on Flash Mobs (2013)

Principal Investigators Hyunjin Seo (KU) and Brian Houston (MU) worked in conjunction with KC-AERC to conduct focus groups with KC-area youth in 2012 in response to incidents involving violent “flash mobs” on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo., in 2011. In August of 2013, the Journal of Applied Communication Research published an article on flash mobs based on research conducted by KC-AERC staff and affiliated faculty at the University of Missouri Columbia and the University of Kansas. This paper explores perspectives on the social phenomenon, including the definitions, causes, and characteristics of flash mobs. The paper also discusses the relevance of formative research to policy interventions, communication, and outreach aimed at reducing youth violence.

Houston, J. B., Seo, H., Knight, L. T., Kennedy, E., Hawthrone, J., & Trask, S. L. (2013). Urban youth’s perspectives on flash mobs. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 41(3), 236-252.

Kansas City P20 Asset Mapping (2010)

Contracted by the Kansas City Regional P20 Council, KC-AERC identified and surveyed the educational entities who provide services to students from pre-school to 20 years of formal schooling in the Kansas City metropolitan area. This report provided an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the P20 education network of the KC metro area. Also, this project raised critical questions about P20 education. These questions were intended to identify areas of improvement and further planning are needed. The report also identifies areas for future research studies.

Report to P20 Regional Council: Kansas City P20 Asset Mapping Project (PDF, 5 pages)

P20 Asset Mapping Project, presented 10/18/2010 (PDF, 19 pages)